I love my life so much at the moment.

I’m at a school that is too cool for itself - where I’m finally making friends. I’m enjoying the subjects too: in English I love picking apart and dissecting the books, analysing them to death; in Philosophy I find it really interesting, and the class environment is good and hilarious; Maths is amazing because Maths is just…well, Maths, and I just get it; History is good too, because I find it really interesting, and my essays aren’t complete shite.

Also, my social life is AWESOME :D (very tempted to say ‘my social life is the TITS.’ - not sure why though… :’)) I’m seriously having the time of my life. It’s great! Never have I been so busy in my life! I have loads of homework, yet I sometimes push it aside to go and see the awesome people I now know. :D

Never have I been so busy. But I prefer it like this. My life is awesome.

I don’t know if you’re like me in this respect - but it would be nice if I could relate to someone on this matter.
I hate that I can’t cry. Sometimes it’s great, because it means that no one sees how upset I am - but other times when I’m by myself and I really need it, it’s so annoying!
It’s horrible, and I just want to get it over with, rather than sit here feeling shit :’)

Stress and Thrills.

Hmm. I’m sick. Not ill - sick: I think I get a thrill from being stressed and under pressure. I’m like gah D: when I’m doing homework and stuff and it’s hard and stressful - but then when I’m at school, in lesson and learning; I feel like I’m enjoying being under the pressure.
It’s a really odd feeling.
I think I’m happiest when I’m busy - I would’ve thought I’d be more relaxed when I don’t have a lot to do, and therefore happier. But I think when I have more to do I don’t get bored, but then I think of all things that I could be doing when I’m not busy - but then when I don’t have a lot to do I never end up doing the things I wanted to when I was busy.
I kind of like the way things are at the moment. I’ve been having a fairly busy social life which is awesome and fun and :D
But then there’s the schoolwork that’s making me stress just a lil’ bit - yet I feel like I’m enjoying the pressure, and I know it’ll all work out, so I don’t need to worry too much.
Although now there’s so much schoolwork that I need to focus more on that than my social life. Parents are influencing this opinion greatly bbbttttwwww :’)
It sucks, but I’ll see everyone soon - all work done and nothing hanging over my head xD

I think last night was the definition of Awesomenessnosityfull.

No matter what anyone says, you are never too old to play hide and seek in the dark.

The hysteria that culminated from the mention of the possibility that hide and seek might be played, in the dark no less, was astounding. I should have filmed it. And yes, I used that sentence^ in my GCSE English Language exam.

No, I didn’t, but I thought it sounded very clever.

But anyway, yes, the excitement was intense - Jack and Ben were practically hyperventilating, whilst Sarah began rolling on the floor experiencing some sort of fit.

Needless to say, it was awesome. Although I’m sure if my house had feelings it would feel truly violated right now.

Even before this hide and seek game began I had an epic time - we watched Team America (awful, absolutely terrible), ate pizza and other such crap.

My paragraphs are now non-existent, and it’s annoying me, but I’ll try and hold out until I have finished this post.

So back to the hide and seek (GAH. I did it again :’)) - there were many funny incidences, including James and Sean being locked outside as the handle on the door broke; as well as Chris leaving his phone in the bathroom, with the alarm going off, as a distraction; I kept giving my hiding places away by laughing; and there were threesomes in my father’s bed which included Ben and Jack every time; over the entire night I had two guys and one girl in my bed, very impressive I think, (Jack, Chris, Charlotte); Charlotte also managed to find THE best hiding places, such as under my mother’s jewellery desk and on my window-sill (gave me a fright and a half when I found her by accident.) and when Sean first joined us and we made him seek before we greeted him. (aaahhhhh, nice long paragraph xD)

I think this film night was the best one so far. Parents say they can’t keep spending money on pizzas though… so I’ll have to start it at about 6 or 7 next time. D:

No matter what I’m doing or where I am, when I’m with my friends I always have an awesome time. Thanks guys! :D


Reminiscing about infant + junior school with girls on the bus ‘twas quite fun :)
I remembered once when Mr. Slater went a bit mad and sat the whole year in the hall and picked out the worst behaved boys and sat them in front with their backs to us in a line. Then he went on a rant about how they were letting the whole year down. And then shock horror mr slater stops and picks out a single person who’s sitting with us on the ‘good’ side - yells something about them talking / laughing when this is a very serious matter and tells them to sit with the badly behaved boys in front of us. Anticipation as we see who it is that has been caught out. Ultimate surprise when Mel stands up and sits at the front - mr slater obviously meant business if he was going to be harsh with a ‘good’ person. While the rest of us feel half worried for her and half relieved it wasn’t us :’)
Another thing I remember is that I was quite a goody two shoes *gasp* I know right. And I never had a detention (they only had breaktime ones in junior school) until year 5 when I got 5 in my first week! I was like wtf? It’s because my teacher mrs black hated me for some reason. It was because of mrs black that I also realised that I go bright red when I’m embarrassed - he picked me out after she said I had been talking (everyone else was too, she just disliked me) and I felt my face burning as the whole class was in silence and she stared at me. First time I ever blushed. It’s her fault. … :’)
Going back further I remember in year 1 when I was 6 and I was an angel in the nativity play - I was in the middle because I was tallest (damn genes) and we had to put our arms straight up in the air and hold them there. I let mine droop a bit because my arms were tired and the teachers were focusing on sorting out the shepherds or something - the evil mrs bird comes on stage and gets right in my face (remember I was 6) and says “Don’t you dare let your arms droop like that, you’re letting everyone else down, look at their lovely straight arms. I knew your brother and I’m disappointed, I expected more from you.”
Firstly - I WAS SIX.
Secondly - it was the nativity it wasn’t a west end show!!
I don’t know what was wrong with her. My arms were tired. Back off you … meh.

Fun times at little school :’)

Ookay - last post seems a bit depressing, I’m sorry :S that’s what happens when I don’t get enough sleep :’) you should just be glad I haven’t started thinking about death. Then we’d be in trouble :’)
I’ll feel better tomorrow :)

Wherever You Will Go

I don’t want to grow up. I know it’s a getting a bit late to be worrying about it, but I’ve worried about it since I was about 13 anyway :’)
The fact that I’ve only got two years of school left makes me sadder than anything else - also because it means I’m closer to death, which scares the hell out of me.
One of the main things is that I don’t want to lose touch with people. We’re all going to go off to different Universities, or to work or gap years etc. And I feel like I’ll never see them again, and even if I do it’ll never be the same as it was, it’ll never be this fun again.
So I think it’s change that I’m scared of - which makes my decision to go to kegs completely mad :’)
I want to go to mayflower now because I suppose that will make me feel like I can spend as long as I possibly can with my friends before time is up. It’s like there’s a ticking clock in the back of my mind saying, less than two years now, and then you’ll never see these people ever again. But I’ve missed too much work and kegs is a good school so I suppose it’s best to stay there.
I think the reason I’ve started thinking about all of this again is because I’ve made new friends and that just makes me think of how little time I have left to spend with them. I had no idea friends were so important to me :’) which sounds terrible.
I don’t want to lose touch with anyone that I currently now know. The people I’ve made friends with are the people I want to see everyday, and if I can’t, then I want to see them as often as possible, because they are the nicest people I’ve ever known - but then I’d worry that they wouldn’t want to see me :’)
But after being told several times by a few people that I’m awesome, I think I’m starting to believe them ;D so hopefully they won’t mind me texting them every weekend asking if they want to do something, because I miss them :’)

Have just counted - 100 weeks until the first week that most universities will start in 2013 (when me and my friends will be starting uni) That’s fricking scary. 100 weeks? That’s 100 weekends when I can see my friends. That’s nothing!
I’m going to go and cry now.

Awesomeosity is your middle name. ..well, no, it isn’t - but it might as well be :)

Oh my god, these last two nights have been Awe. Some. :D
Random sidenote - I said to S&C “Watching The Big Bang Theory with your friends is so much better than by myself, because they actually laugh at it!” and they immediately said “YOUR friends.” :’)
I need to get used to that :D
We watched films, we ate tons of wonderful crap, and we played balderdash. I always have the time of my life when I’m with those dudes xD I’m going to ask my parents if I can have a sleepover next time in the next holidays, may have to bribe my father, but I’m sure it’ll be fine :’)
Ahh I miss them all already :( I wish I went to their school now; I’m dreading monday - mean girls moment here we come :’)

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Kieran’s got a girlfriend!! It’s so cute! :D

The way I talk about it makes it sound like he’s twelve or something :’)

Me and the parents are very happy with this, because his last girlfriend was a complete whore not a very nice person :/ and when they were going out it wasn’t really proper anyway and she never wanted to see him.

So this is good news! :):)

Needless to say, after checking facebook I informed the parents for him, y’know, just so he doesn’t have to worry about it ;)

Mother said “Good for him!” and Dad said “Cor, he’s a fast worker!” :’)